Sydney Frontrunners

Couch to 5K starting 13 April 2024


Saturdays at 8.30 am Centennial Park & Tuesdays at 6.30pm Cook and Phillip between the 13 April and 22 June 2024.

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Sun 28 Apr 2024 23:59.

Sydney Frontrunners Couch to 5k

Wanting to get into running or returning after a break?

10 weeks of free coached sessions 13 April – 22 June 2024:   

Saturdays 8.30am at the Duck Pond, Centennial Park and Tuesdays 6.30pm from the entrance, Cook and Phillip.

Come once or twice a week.

You will be ready for our Pride 5k run on the 29th June.


For more information email your coach DavidJThompson1962@outlook.com..