Sydney Frontrunners



Sydney Frontrunners provides encouragement, support, and community to LGBTQ+ people and friends who are interested in all running; casual runs, walking, trail running, marathons, competition, and track and field.  

We welcome people of all running abilities. You do not have to be an accomplished runner to join Sydney Frontrunners.  Our primary Saturday run and midweek runs offer something for everyone.  

Make new friends and join us for fun runs around Sydney and take part in club trips.

We are affiliated with International Frontrunners, and we welcome visitors from clubs around the world particularly during the Mardi Gras season.

Our club is inclusive and will suit anyone of any age or gender identity. Let us know your ability and we'll do our best to match you with similar runners. You can run with the club a few times before considering becoming a financial member of Sydney Frontrunners.

Sydney Frontrunners has three proud Honorary Lifetime Members:

  • Dennis Johnson (awarded 2014)
  • Jim Box (awarded 2016)
  • Vicki Jeffreys (awarded 2017)

THE FRONT RUNNER  - a part of history

"Frontrunners" originated from the book "THE FRONT RUNNER" by Patricia Nell Warren.