Sydney Frontrunners


You have some questions? We have some answers!

Q: What is Sydney Frontrunners?
A: We're an inclusive and friendly sports club that supports and encourages community for LGBTQ+ people and their friends around all kinds or running and walking.

Q: Do I need to be a good runner to take part?
A: No. We have club members with varying running capabilities. We have runners who are passionate about competition but others who walk their dog as a Frontrunner on Saturdays. We can match you with a runner or walker of your skill level if that will make you feel more welcome. 

Q: What are the distances you run?
A: We have a series of runs on Saturdays including: 5km run, 5km walk, 8km run, and a 12k run to Bronte beach and back. If you're not confident about distances, let us know and we can advise on even shorter courses in Centennial Park. 

Q: Where do you meet or start your runs?
A: We have several runs during the week, but the primary club meet up is Saturday mornings at Centennial Park near the Duck Pond coffee cart (The Spruce Goose). Check the Our Runs Page to see the start times for various runs. 

Q: Where can I store my bags when I run?
A: We don't have an official place to store bags at Centennial Park or our midweek runs. Just ask someone with a car if you can put your bag in the boot of their vehicle.

Q: Are there social activities if I join the club?
A: You bet. We hold about one social activity every 2 months. Usually these vary between dinners, drinks, theatre and movie nights but we are always open to suggestions for other events.

Q: I'm a Lesbian, Queer or Trans woman-- is the club for me?
A: Absolutely. We are an inclusive and open club with the goal to ensure running is a safe and fun activity for all members of our community. If you would like to try running with the club, we can introduce to some women members who will make you feel welcome. 

Q: Perhaps I'm too old or too young to join Sydney Frontrunners?
A: Everyone is very welcome. We have runners in their early 20s through to very senior runners. It's a great way to meet people from a really wide spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community.

Q: What can I expect from the Saturday meet up?
A: It's a great way to start the weekend. Choose your preferred run distance, and then meet back at the Centennial Park duck pond coffee cart to say hello to your fellow runners. At about 9.15am, we gather for club news, race results, and we welcome new members. Instant friends-- just add running. 

Q: Are there other runs during the week?
A: There are currently other sessions on Mondays,  and Tuesdays. For all information about our regular runs go to Our Runs page

Q: Should I tell you that I'm coming along to any of the runs for the first time?
A: It's not necessary to let us know in advance, but we'd like to make sure you feel welcome. You can message us via the website or email. This way we can expect you and make sure you don't get lost.

Q: Are there club fees?
A: You are very welcome to come along and try Sydney Frontrunners for free to meet the group and come for a run. If you like the club, we'd ask you to become a financial member after you've been running with us for three weeks. Ask another member about how the fee structure works and learn all the benefits of being a member. The current fee is a very reasonable $50 (not incl. admin fee) for the financial year.