Sydney Frontrunners

Tuesday Run2Pub


START TIME: 6.30pm
DISTANCE : 5km-9km
MEETING POINT: Outside the entrance of Cook and Phillip Pool.

Runners may store clothing and bags in a locker at the pool. We organise this but if you want your own locker bring $2 for a small locker or $3 for a large one.
If you'd like change beforehand and/or shower after the run, that's also possible for a small fee ($4). 


Options between 5 and 9k with all stopping half way behind the Opera House to admire the view, 

For 5k follow the red route

For 7k do the blue loop on the way out and back in addition to the red route.

For 9k add the yellow loop  on the way out and back to the 7K route.

Afterwards we have a bite and a bevy at The Lord Roberts Hotel.